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Tahini of Houmous
The Cyprus Tahini is exclusively manufactured under strictly chosen varieties of sesame which are peeled, cooked and grinded in a traditional way using stone mills and European automatic mills without adding any chemicals, conservatives or any other additional substances.
Tahini of Bakery
This red Tahini is made out of special sesame and that is how it gets its colour.
Halawa (Halva)

It offers a genuine festival of flavours.

Familiar, exciting flavours. Exotic, refreshing and challenging flavours like, vanilla, cocoa, peanut, almond, pistachio. Flavours that will excite you. Flavours that fit in every moment of the day in every occasion.

Hulled Sesame Seed
During the sesame washing procedure the water that is being used must have the characteristics of drinkable water according to the decision made by the Ministry. This is assured with constant chemical and microbiological analyses.
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